This website was created to provide a resource for students taking the TEAS TEST or Test of Essential Academic Skills for entrance into nursing school. We have compiled information and links to other online resources and products that will help you pass the TEAS Test.

TEAS Test Study Guide

Offical Study Guide for TEAS Test : Click Here
The offical study guide is published by ATI (the same company that makes the TEAS test) and is considered one of the best sources of information for taking the TEAS Test. The ATI study guide includes T.E.A.S. practice tests, question examples, and recommended prepairation guides.

TEAS Test Preparation and Online TEAS Study Guide

About the TEAS Exam: TEAS Test Version V
The TEAS Test is a proctored exam that is designed to measure essential skills and academic readiness for entry level satisfactory performance in a formal college based nursing education program. The exam covers topics in the domains of Math, Reading, Science, and Language Usage.

The exam itself is a four option multiple choice exam and consists of 170 test items. Items are broken down into content areas and consist of 40 items related to Reading, 45 items related to Mathematics, 30 items related to science, and 55 items related to English and Language Usage. The exam is typically computer administered but may be given paper and pencil at the discretion of the testing site.

Online TEAS Test Practice

The following are links to online TEAS practice tests and similar questions that are on the TEAS.

TEAS Test Math Practice: Basic Algebra | Advanced Algebra | Averages and Rounding | Averages and Rounding | TEAS Math | Estimation and Sequences | Exponents | Fractions and Square Roots | Geometry | Graphs | Math | Intermediate Math | Advanced Math | Measurement | Percents and Ratios

TEAS Test English Practice: Commas | Basic Grammar | Intermediate Grammar | Advanced Grammar | Nouns

TEAS Test Reading Practice: Basic Reading Comprehension | Reading for the Main Idea | Advanced Reading Comprehension | Reading Vocabulary | Vocabulary | Vocabulary (Cont).

TEAS Test Science Practice: Science 1 | Science 2 | Science 3

TEAS Test Study Guides and TEAS Test Textbooks

When preparing to take the TEAS the following books have been proven to be helpful in showing increased performance and improved TEAS scores.

Where to Take the TEAS Test: TEAS Test Dates & Locations

The TEAS Test can be taken at any PSI Testing center or authorized ATI testing site. The test typically costs around $60 dollars which is payable upon registration and is usually non-refundable.

PSI test centers can be located by clicking here.
ATI testing sites can be located by clicking here.

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